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  • Welcome to Paul J. Merlino III D.C..

  • Welcome to Paul J. Merlino III D.C..

  • Welcome to Paul J. Merlino III D.C..

™Marlton Chiropractor Offers Hope for Healing

Paul J. Merlino III D.C. for Wellness at Every Age

We provide a whole world of opportunity for you to get healthier and stay that way!

With a special focus on helping seniors and pregnant women, Marlton chiropractor, Dr. Paul Merlino is here to provide wellness care for all ages. Paul J. Merlino III D.C. offers you the opportunity to live your best life, every day. No matter where your health is or where you have come from, you have the ability to heal and get your quality of life back.

Our Focus Is You

With over 15 years of experience and a dedication to your healing, our team is here to support you, teach you and empower you to live better. We are thorough, we are gentle, and we can help by offering

In addition to our care, we are happy to work alongside any other physicians or dietitians you may be
working with so you reach your goals, faster.

A Gentle Approach

Dr. Merlino specializes in a unique, low-force adjusting technique that is comfortable and safe
for all ages. Certified in a variety of techniques, he will tailor your care plan to your unique needs
and goals. For moms to be, he uses a specialized adjusting table that allows pregnant women to
receive a relaxing, comfortable adjustment.

For those seeking relief when nothing has worked, spinal decompression can help those in
chronic pain or individuals dealing with disc injuries or car accident injuries. This gentle therapy
can complement your chiropractic adjustments or be utilized independently for thorough healing.

It is not if we can help you, but how we can help you. Contact us today and let’s get started.

Dr. Paul Merlino
Marlton, Voorhees and Mt Laurel Chiropractor
Phone: (856) 685-7691