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Older Adult Care

Dr. Merlino had the privilege of being the attending chiropractic physician for several institutions including the Fountains at Cedar Park, one of the largest older adult communities in South Jersey as well as Confident Daycare, a medical adult day care facility.

Enjoy a More Vibrant Life

Older Adult Chiropractic Care

Reclaim your quality of life with safe and effective chiropractic care!

Our health changes over time and aches and pains become normal, sleeping habits and energy levels change, and the pace at which we move may slow. The good news? You do not have to surrender to the notion that your current state of pain and discomfort is to be expected due to age. You can feel better.

Time after time, we help older adults realize how much better they can feel. You have the potential to get stronger and reclaim your quality of life. You don’t have to settle when it comes to your health and natural, drug-free chiropractic care can help.

Take Control of Your Health

Our gentle, efficient adjustments that lightly realign your spine are great for patients of any age. With a properly aligned spine, your nervous system and health can improve.

  • Ease arthritis aches and pains.
  • Walk and move easier and with greater stability.
  • Get back to the activities you love!

Take the natural approach to living well, every day of your life. Contact us today and let’s help you live vibrantly!

Paul J. Merlino III D.C. | (856) 685-7691