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Is Chiropractic Care is Superior to Antibiotics for Ear Infections?

If your kid has an ear infection, get them in today!

Let’s face it, kids are little germ breeding factories. They put their hands everywhere; including in their mouths, noses, eyes, and ears. Whatever is going around school is bound to make it’s way to your house and work its way through your whole family…unless you and your family have a rock solid immune system. Getting sick isn’t about what germs are going around at any particular time, it’s about your body’s ability to function and fight properly.

Ear infections are one of the most common complaints during cold and flu season for parents. An ear infection is the ear’s inability to drain excess fluid  from the sinuses. Pediatricians are quick to prescribe antibiotics, but if the excess fluid cannot drain, antibiotics are really just a band-aid because they never address the real issue: the malfunction of the ear. That is why we see ear infection after ear infection in kids, even after multiple doses of antibiotics.

One study (although multiple studies have shown this to be true) suggests that chiropractic care is superior to antibiotics for treating ear infections. Chiropractors check for specific problems in the cervical spine, adjust the spine, and correct the misalignment behind the ear-allowing the excess fluid to drain properly. Chiropractic adjustments address and correct the problem with the anatomy and the nervous system, clearing the ear infection and preventing them with regular adjustments.

If your family has been plagued with ear infections or colds, or if you just want to stay healthy, be sure to get everyone in your family checked regularly. Give us a call to get your immune system and your nervous system on the right track.

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